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Jenn offers both custom/private and semi-private group coaching

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Things are complicated right now, so let's keep this simple: You tell me what's going on and what you're seeking. I tell you how we can work together and how I can help you utilize this challenging time to thrive. Then we decide if we are a good fit. Simple, no-pressure, confidential conversation.


Private "Thrive Through" Coaching

1-1 Private Custom Coaching with International Motivational Trainer and Certified Confidence/Transformation Coach, Jenn Harris (M.B.A). 

This package consists of 4 -1 hour long sessions (Total 4 hours) where we deep dive into your situation and create a custom plan for you to thrive through your divorce/separation. Jenn will work hands on with you to help improve your mindset, focus on coming through stronger and enhancing the overall quality of your experience through your divorce/separation. Jenn will help you develop your custom "Divorce Bucket List" in order to truly thrive (and not just survive) your divorce/separation. 

Thrive Factory - Virtual Group Workshop

Join a 3 session long semi-private coaching clinic with with International Motivational Trainer and Certified Transformation Coach, Jenn Harris. There will also be recordings, worksheets and interactive resources. Through this small group coaching, You will Uncover resources and tools to help you transform through the experience into the next level of yourself… THRIVE! Become infinitely better at navigating through divorce/separation related trauma and the process on a day to day basis, so that you have way more confidence and far less stress, Elevate yourself and learn to love yourself again ...... AND so much MORE!!!!

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