Frequently Asked Questions

When going through a life-changing event like divorce, it is wise to have an experienced, knowledgeable mentor in your corner.  Doing this ensures that you will make the best decisions for your family and future. As a trained divorce coach/mentor I help you get organized, provide knowledgeable guidance and help you control emotions so that you can achieve your desires.  I do this by helping you to strategize the necessary steps to move through the divorce process and prepare you for life beyond divorce.  My focus is that you do not just survive this experience, but truly rebuild and thrive while reaching your desired outcomes!

In times of stress, it is important to put a variety of supports in place that will help you cope with your emotions and give you tools for dealing with challenging situations. 


Therapy typically focuses on digging through emotions and mental health. 

Divorce coaches/mentors are additionally trained in the business aspect of the divorce process and our solutions focused.


Coaching also helps you to establish effective communication with your spouse, your children and legal professionals.

Coaching is a more action oriented process. It's designed to help you make changes in your life to truly thrive.

Divorce coaching can actually save you money.  Divorce coaches often charge far less per hour than an attorney and they're trained to help you work through emotional issues that a lawyer is not going to help you with.


Coaching helps you manage your feelings so you can become less emotional and reactive. This means that you are able to gain clarity and focus.


When partnering with a divorce coach/mentor  throughout the process you're going to be less reactive and more outcome-focused in your communications. 


Therefore, instead of being overly emotional and unconsciously wanting your legal professional to offer emotional advice,  you can focus strictly on business and getting what you deserve and desire.  This solutions based approach can save you a ton in legal fees.  

You Will Make Better Decisions

The stress and emotional overload of getting divorced can make it difficult to think clearly and make the right decisions. 

A divorce coach can help you cut through the emotions, as well as the often-conflicting advice received from family and friends.

This enables you to make the best decision for yourself, your ex, and your children (if you have them).


You Could Cut Out the Attorney

If you have a difficult relationship with your ex, communication can often be difficult and counterproductive.

In some cases, divorce coaches act as mediators and reduce the need to work with a lawyer. 

They can support you in communicating with your ex in a way that will get the best result possible for all parties involved. 

This will also save you the emotional stress of conflict with your ex.


They Can Save You Money

Working with a divorce coach can have financial benefits, too. 

They usually charge less per hour than an attorney, and they are trained to help you work through emotional issues that a lawyer is not usually interested in.


They Help You Move On with Your Life

Certified divorce coaches are specially trained to guide you through every step of the divorce process — including building your new life once it’s over. 

A divorce coach will help you with the transition to adapt to your new circumstances.

This may mean supporting you through co-parenting or finding a new home or job.

They will also help you deal with the difficult emotions surrounding the divorce so that you are able to move on without trauma and build your new life.

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